• What I do... #levistephens #owwd
    What I do... #levistephens #owwd
  • Enjoy...
  • #seriousblack #levistephens
    #seriousblack #levistephens
  • GM fam!! Literally been flying all night! ✈️😎
    GM fam!! Literally been flying all night! ✈️😎

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Levi interviewed by Australian Musician Magazine 

Australian Musician discovered Washington-based artist Levi Stephens on the Reverb Nation artist website. Editor Greg Phillips was so impressed, he decided to catch up with Levi on Skype for a chat.

Elements of the American music press have labelled Washington DC based singer, songwriter Levi Stephens a cross between John Legend and John Mayer … and they’d be partly right. Stephens possesses a similar songwriting strength, a natural instinct for soul and an expressive voice to round it out read more...


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